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Warrior 2011

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Categories: Drama, Sport
Quality: BDRip 

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Tommy Conlon returned to his hometown Pittsburgh after the army. Here live his father Paddy – a former boxer and now just a drunk. In Pittsburgh, also live his brother Brendan, who works a teacher of physics. Father to become a Tommy’s coach and begins to prepare him to mixed martial arts tournament. By coincidence, in the same tournament Tommy will be involved with his brother Brendan…

Original Title: Warrior
Release Date: 9 september 2011
IMDB Ratings: 8,2/10 from 180 527 users
Genres: Drama, Sport
Director: Gavin O’Connor
Cast: Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, Nick Nolte, Jennifer Morrison, Frank Grillo, Kevin Dunn, Maximiliano Hernández, Bryan Callen, Sam Sheridan, Vanessa Martinez, Jake McLaughlin, Denzel Whitaker

Runtime: 140 min
Language: English

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  • Ivan

    I don't have much comment to make about the ftigihng per se, which looked from my uneducated perspective like a mix of boxing and wrestling with some anything goes brawling mixed in. But as a vehicle for the drama and for comparing the brothers' personalities (i.e., Brendan is a technical wrestler, Tommy goes straight for the knockout punch) I liked it a lot.Re comparisons to The Fighter , the films aren't nearly as similar as you'd think at first glance (given the working class backdrop and brothers who are both fighters set-up) because the characterizations and story emphases are quite different. There are some of the commonalities you'd expect in any two movies in this genre, but beyond that the similarities are fairly superficial.

  • Shane

    Hi, was wondering if you have another version download of this movie, the codex is broken in this link file? thanks