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The Railway Man 2013

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Categories: Biography, Drama
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The Railway Man 2013 poster

This is the story of Eric Lomax. This British officer was captured by Japanese forces during World War II, so that he was all the horrors of war camp, where he was tortured. He was forced to participate in the construction of the railway in captivity. Lt.Lomax was made ​​to captain after his release. Decades later, long dreamed of a military retaliation decided to reconciliation, which met with one of his tormentors on the bridge over the River Kwai.
Original Title: The Railway Man
Release Date: December 13, 2013
IMDB Ratings: 7,2/10 from 2 588 users
Genres: Biography, Drama
Director: Jonathan Teplitzky
Cast: Nicole Kidman, Stellan Skarsgård, Colin Firth, Hiroyuki Sanada, Jeremy Irvine, Sam Reid, Marta Dusseldorp, Masa Yamaguchi, Tom Hobbs
Runtime: 116 min
Language: English

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