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The Protector 2 2013

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Categories: Action
Quality: DVDRip 

Tom yum goong 2 poster 2013

This is a continuation of the story of a young man named Kham. In the first film, he went to Australia, where he joined the fray with a crime syndicate. This time the fight goes beyond …

Original Title: The Protector 2 (aka “Tom yum goong 2”)
Release Date: 23 October 2013
IMDB Ratings: 5,7/10 from 1 522 users
Genres: Action
Director: Prachya Pinkaew
Cast: Tony Jaa, Marrese Crump, JeeJa Yanin, RZA, Petchtai Wongkamlao, Dan Chupong, Vince Makiling, Ujal Thapa

Runtime: 100 min
Language: English dub

The Protector 2 movie download:

Quality: DVDRip, AVI, 720 x 304, MP3 320 kbps, 2 ch, 1,18 GB
Link from NitroFlare


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  • Niel

    This movies taking forever to release, im losing my patience and interest in it as good as it is, a person can only wait so long before they get fed up and lose interest and forget about something

  • hapalon

    Want to watch it on 1080p! Any chance of getting it?

    • Pirates

      Like it, 1080p! 🙂

  • Simon Le Nettoyeur

    hey mate! so this will be the final request in 4s please with subs or dubbed. thank you for all your help and all you do.

    • master_web