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The Promise 2017

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Categories: Crime, History
Quality: BluRay 1080р 

The Promise 2017

The First World War tore apart many countries and ruined many human destinies. It did not pass the Ottoman Empire, for which the countdown of the last days of existence began. This country began to collapse and this process was irreversible. Two guys from different worlds, who have different faiths and different ways of living try to stop or at least reduce the losses of many people from bloody actions taking place in the country. One of them is an American military correspondent, Chris Myers, and another is a local medical student, Michael Boghossian. Having met in the capital, the guys first made friends, but after a while they become rivals, because both fell in love with the same girl – the beautiful Ana. These relationships are difficult and change through time because love is such a complicated feeling. Chris was first to meet Ana and fall in love with her and she shared the feeling. When Michael went to Constantinople, he was also engaged to a girl, but when he saw Anna, he realized that his heart was hers. Ana’s heart also flipped, and she doubted that the former feeling was real. In the meantime, Armenian Christians are accused of siding with Russia and genocide of the Armenian population begins, including Michael and Ana. What awaits them in this difficult and dangerous time?

Original Title: The Promise
Release Date: April 21, 2017
IMDB Ratings: 5,9/10 from 150 491 users
Genres: Drama, History
Director: Terry George
Cast: Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon, Christian Bale
Runtime: 134 minutes
Language: English

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