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The Big Wedding 2013

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Categories: Comedy
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The story of a modern family who trying to survive after weekend wedding celebration, which can result in a complete collapse for them. Divorced Don and Ellie Griffin forced to pretend to be happy for the wedding of his adopted son. Their children and friends are very surprised, but the celebration should be interesting…

Original Title: The Big Wedding
Release Date: 25 April 2013
IMDB Ratings: 5,2/10 from 4 091 users
Genres: Comedy
Director: Justin Zackham
Cast: Robert De Niro as Don, Katherine Heigl as Lyla, Diane Keaton as Ellie, Amanda Seyfried as Missy, Topher Grace as Jared, Susan Sarandon as Bebe, Robin Williams as Father Moinighan

Runtime: 89 min
Language: English

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