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Generation Iron 2013

20.07.2014 8:05 146 0
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p 

A documentary that tells the story of how bodybuilders train in preparation for the competition “Mr. Olympia”.

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Linsanity 2013

23.04.2014 9:52 161 0
Quality: WEBRip 720p 

The life story of the Houston Rockets player Jeremy Lin. American with Chinese roots won fans with his play in the National Basketball Association. He became a basketball sensation. It is a really true story.

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Metegol 2013

08.04.2014 6:08 167 0
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p 

Amadeo’s history, a shy boy with a good heart, and his friends – the brave players with which Amadeo should regain its honor, dignity and true love. This is a film about friendship, loyalty and passion, which is set on the football field.

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Isolated 2013

14.09.2013 19:53 156 2

Surf flick with some of the best to a really isolated location. Great line… “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to loose sight of the shore”. A group of feral surfers and modern day explorers embark on a journey to search for one of the world’s last undiscovered waves in the

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A Warrior’s Heart 2011

10.08.2013 17:27 95 0
Quality: DVDRip  BDRip 

Maverick and daredevil Conor Sullivan could not come to terms with the death of his father during a battle. Only once in Lacrosse camp under the care of an old friend of his father, he begins to comprehend the main values ​​of life.

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