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Spark: A Space Tail 2016

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Categories: Adventure, Animation, Comedy
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Spark: A Space Tail 2016

It turned out that the earthlings, without expecting it, were caught in a real trap of powerful forces that had emerged from extraterrestrial civilizations. It has been said a lot about the possibility of such an attack. But no one seriously took news of the appearance of aliens on planet Earth. Everyone believed that there are no creatures like people and the earthlings are completely alone in this vast and unexplored galaxy. This mystery has always remained under seven seals and only used by fiction writers, who liked to come up with a lot of horrible stories. And suddenly, they appeared and not at all in the role of brothers, but as invaders, who had to immediately enslave the planet with all the humans living on it and they did it in the shortest possible time. None of the earthly weapons, no army could even be closely compared to technologies that these evil and soulless aliens possessed. Now, Spartacus was the only hope. Only this amazing and unmatched hero could save the planet from such an ominous enslavement. It was he, who possessed the greatest energy that could give a real threat to space aliens. And they will regret that they even set a foot on Earth. After all, they had neither the will to win, nor the desire to help other people or the qualities that always helped earth heroes to triumph over every kind of evil.

Original Title: Spark: A Space Tail
Release Date: April 14, 2017
IMDB Ratings: 4.4/10 from 337 users
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Director: Aaron Woodley
Cast: Jessica Biel, Patrick Stewart, Susan Sarandon
Runtime: 90 minutes
Language: English

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