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Sky Force 3D 2012

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Categories: 3D, Animation
Quality: BDRip 720p  3D 

Sky Force 3D 2012 poster

Aircraft Tinney can not be recognized in large and small friendly team. He, against Captain Ben goes alone to rescue residents from a fire that become a real hero in the eyes of others. Tinney life is threatened, but a Captain Ben saves him gave his own lives. Feelings of guilt and fear again take to the air forces Tinney leave and go to work at the mine. Only a terrible fire, which broke out in the mine, awakened Tinney old instincts. Saving his friends, he realizes his true calling and returned to the team aircraft fire, overcoming his fear of heights for the safety of their city.

Original Title: Sky Force 3D
Release Date: September 14, 2012
IMDB Ratings: 4,6/10 from 81 users
Genres: Animation
Director: Tony Tang
Cast: John S. Flynn, Heather Gordon, Aaron Krebs

Runtime: 81 min
Language: English

Sky Force 3D movie download:

Quality 1: BDRip 720p, MKV, 1280 x 720, DTS 5.1 1509 kbps, 3,01 GB
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Quality 2: BDRip 1080p 3D HSBS, MKV, 1920 x 1080, DTS 5.1 1510 kbps, 5,83 GB
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  • Laura Scott

    I just wondered if this is going to be put on the site. It looks like a film my daughter would love