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The Zero Theorem 2013

06.08.2014 21:17 201 9
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p 

The action takes place in a world similar to the world of George Orwell’s novel “1984”, where people – “mankamy” spying for the mysterious Management. Monk by the name of Qohen Leth lives alone in a ruined chapel and struggling with the decision of some strange theorem. His work prevents a woman named Bainsley trying

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Transcendence 2014

31.07.2014 22:59 706 15
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p 

Scientist and computer genius Will load your brain into a supercomputer. He wants to create a machine that can think like a human. Evelyn, his assistant, soon realizes that something is wrong. Will begins to talk to her not as a living person, but as a machine. She connects it to the Internet and the

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Bing Feng: Chong Sheng Zhi Men 2014

03.07.2014 13:38 371 8
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p 

Captain of the Imperial Guard Ming Dynasty wrongly is accused of murder and in collusion with the enemy, his former fellow guardsmen go in pursuit of him. But their battle ends in that all three are buried on 300 years under snow avalanche. Frozen soldiers were found a rich man-philanthropist and sent back to Hong

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Space Pirate Captain Harlock 2013

06.05.2014 12:17 335 0
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p  BluRay 1080p 

The distant future. Criminal Gaia Corporation became the worst enemy of the Earth, to take away all: freedom, house, future … It seemed that there is no hope of salvation … But he appeared – space pirate Harlock, Captain of the ghost ship Arcadia. Fugitive, who ready to fight for Earth. Who is he a

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The Philosophers 2013

14.03.2014 6:29 514 2
Quality: BDRip 

A mysterious teacher of philosophy as a final exam has 20 students conduct an experiment in an international school in Jakarta. This experience will be the most extreme , with whom they have ever encountered. Using only the power of logic , the students have to choose which one of them would be worthy of a

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Justice League: War 2014

31.01.2014 16:28 416 0
Quality: HDRip  BDRip 720p 

The film is based on a comic book DC «New 52 Justice League: Origin». The world’s finest heroes found the Justice League in order to stop an alien invasion of Earth.

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Riddick 2013

07.01.2014 17:30 193 5
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p Uncut 

Betrayed by his and abandoned to die on a desolate planet, Riddick fights with predators for life and now he become stronger and more dangerous than his former self. With enemies appearing on his way he starts the campaign in the name of vengeance, to eventually return to his native planet Furya and save it

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The World’s End 2013

12.11.2013 15:14 233 6
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p 

Five friends decide to relax in the twelve pubs of the city. Things were going well until they came to the last bar called “The World’s End”. In this bar the dangers for them at every turn. It appears to be the real world’s end …

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Man of Steel 2013

02.11.2013 9:48 482 8
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p  3D 

Clark Kent – the young man who feels like an outsider because of his incredible strength. Many years ago, he was sent to Earth from the planet Krypton, and now he asks the question: why? He brought up the adoptive parents Martha and Jonathan Kent. Clark knows that possess superhuman – then make difficult decisions.

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After Earth 2013

06.10.2013 9:57 277 5
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p 

The events unfold in a thousand years after the crash, forcing humanity to leave Earth. The new home is a planet called Nova Prime. Legendary general Cypher Rage is back with another combat mission to the family, which used to get along without his parental attention to be the father of his 13-year-old son Kitai.

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The Purge 2013

06.10.2013 9:16 277 5
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p 

The future world – a world without crime … unemployment … wars. And all this thanks to one night of the year when you can send to the light either – the evil boss, noisy neighbors, annoying relatives. This time called the Purge, a 12-hour period in which any and all crime is legalized. At night

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World War Z 2013

23.09.2013 12:15 550 6
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p  BDRip 1080p  3D 

The attack of the living dead is not a joke and not a fairy tale. Earth is on the edge of disaster. But there is a U.N. employee who travels around the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly pandemic zombie.

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