17 April

Nymphomaniac 2013

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Nymphomaniac poster 2013

WEBRip, WEBDL 720p VOLUME I & II Unrated

It’s a bright and poetic story of a woman erotic experiences from birth to the fifties, told from the face of the protagonist. A woman Joe set herself a diagnosis – nymphomania . A cold winter morning Seligman , a middle-aged lonely bachelor , stumbles into a lane on Joe , battered and located in a semi-conscious state. Bring a woman home, he treats her wounds and wonders how she came to such a life. Joe tells the story of her eventful youth to Seligman, teeming with parallel plots and unexpected digressions.

Original Title: Nymphomaniac
Release Date: December 25, 2013
IMDB Ratings: 7,5/10 from 16 015 users
Genres: Drama
Director: Lars von Trier
Cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, Stacy Martin, Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater, Jamie Bell, Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe, Mia Goth, Sophie Kennedy Clark

Runtime: 110 min + 118 min
Language: English

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    What about Volume 1, please? I cannot find Volume 1.

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