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Aliens Ate My Homework 2018

13.04.2018 2:40 137 0
Quality: WEB-DL 1080p 

IMDB Plot: Extraterrestrials invade Earth and a pair of middle schoolers hold the fate of the world in their hands in Aliens Ate My Homework, a delightfully comical intergalactic adventure from Universal 1440 and Lay-Carnagey Entertainment. Aliens Ate My Homework is based on the first book in the wildly successful Rod Allbright and the Galactic

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12 Strong 2018

12.04.2018 1:52 248 0
Quality: WEB-DL 720p 

IMDB Plot: The True Story of the Army’s Special Forces “Green Berets”, who within weeks responded to the 9-11 attack. Green Berets, with the help of the 160th SOAR(A), took over the country and allowed other Special Forces and the rest of the conventional military to begin the more publicly visible war.

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The Shack 2017

11.04.2018 0:31 387 0
Quality: BluRay 720p 

IMDB Plot: After the abduction and presumed death of Mackenzie Allen Phillips’ youngest daughter, Missy, Mack receives a letter and suspects it is from God, asking him to return to The Shack where Missy may have been murdered. After contemplating it, he leaves his home to go to The Shack for the first time since

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First Match 2018

10.04.2018 2:31 99 0
Quality: WEB 1080p 

IMDB Plot: Hardened by years in foster care, a teenage girl from Brooklyn’s Brownsville neighborhood decides that joining the boys wrestling team is the only way back to her estranged father.

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Gangcheolbi 2017

09.04.2018 2:19 114 0
Quality: WEBRip 720p 

IMDB Plot: A coup in North Korea forces an agent to defect to South with unconscious “Number One”. While operatives from North hunt for both of them, the agent has to work with South Koreans to stop the nuclear war.

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Moving Parts 2017

09.04.2018 2:19 140 0
Quality: WEB-DL 1080p 

IMDB Plot: Two very different couples are drawn into organized crime, but it becomes clear before long that everything and everyone is not what they seem.

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Dangal 2016

05.04.2018 2:18 112 0
Quality: BDRip 

IMDB Plot: Biopic of Mahavir Singh Phogat, who taught wrestling to his daughters Babita Kumari and Geeta Phogat. Geeta Phogat was India’s first female wrestler to win at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, where she won the gold medal (55 kg) while her sister Babita Kumari won the silver (51 kg).

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Allure 2017

03.04.2018 2:12 155 0
Quality: WEB-DL 1080p 

IMDB Plot: Plagued by the abuse of her past and the turmoil of failed intimate encounters, Laura struggles to find a lover and a sense of normalcy. Her beacon of hope comes in sixteen year-old Eva, a talented pianist disillusioned by the life her mother imposes upon her. An unlikely relationship is formed between the

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All the Money in the World 2017

02.04.2018 2:18 221 0
Quality: BluRay 1080p 

IMDB Plot: Rome, 1973. Masked men kidnap a teenage boy named John Paul Getty III (Charlie Plummer). His grandfather, Jean Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer), is the richest human world, a billionaire oil magnate, but he’s notoriously miserly. His favorite grandson’s abduction is not reason enough for him to part with any of his fortune. Все

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Benji 2018

29.03.2018 4:13 193 0
Quality: WEBRip 1080p 

IMDB Plot: Two school kids strike up a friendship with an orphaned puppy named Benji. When danger befalls them and they end up kidnapped by robbers who are in over their heads, Benji and his scruffy sidekick come to the rescue.

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Annihilation 2018

27.03.2018 3:15 333 0
Quality: WEB-DL 1080p 

IMDB Plot: A biologist’s husband disappears. She puts her name forward for an expedition into an environmental disaster zone, but does not find what she’s expecting. The expedition team is made up of the biologist, an anthropologist, a psychologist, a surveyor, and a linguist.

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Welcome the Stranger 2018

26.03.2018 4:16 174 0
Quality: WEB-DL 1080p 

IMDB Plot: Alice arrives unannounced at her estranged brother Ethan’s house in an attempt to reconcile, but bizarre visions, the return of his strange girlfriend and Alice’s paranoia and suspicion force the siblings to cling onto reality amidst mysterious circumstances.

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