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If I Stay 2014

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Categories: Drama
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If I Stay 2014 poster

Mia Hall – talented girl, in love with classical music, in her cello and rocker Adam. But after a car accident, Mia is in a coma. While the girl’s body in the hospital, her soul must decide whether she wants to live or is it better to go to another world.

Original Title: If I Stay
Release Date: 22 August 2014
IMDB Ratings: 7,1/10 from 11 582 users
Genres: Drama
Director: R.J. Cutler
Cast: Chloë Grace Moretz, Mireille Enos, Liana Liberato, Jamie Blackley, Lauren Lee Smith, Aliyah O’Brien, Stacy Keach, Aisha Hinds, Joshua Leonard, Chelah Horsdal

Runtime: 107 min
Language: English

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  • Jackie

    When will this be available?

    • master_web

      maybe 1 – 2 month.

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    how long till its up??

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      waiting, could be 1 – 2 month.