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Hit and Run 2012

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Categories: Action, Comedy, Romance
Quality: HDRip 

Hit and Run 2012

A former bank robber Charlie, once gone on a deal with justice, hiding in a small California town: he has his own house, established way of life and a girlfriend Annie. Former racer Charlie Bronson jeopardize his right to the protection of witnesses in order to help his girlfriend get to Los Angeles. Witness protection program fails, and Charlie go on the trail of his former cronies, led by a vengeful psychopath Alex. Unbalanced federal marshal who was set to guard Charlie and Annie’s jealous ex-boyfriend are also joined the pursuit. Instead of waiting for Charlie jaunt relentless series of clashes, traps and bases was – to say nothing of the meetings with the colorful inhabitants of Southern California, which introduce additional notes of insanity to an already mad race.

Original Title: Hit and Run
Release Date: 24 August 2012
IMDB Ratings: 6,0/10 from 18 917 users
Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance
Director: David Palmer, Dax Shepard
Cast: Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, Kristin Chenoweth, Tom Arnold, Bradley Cooper, Joy Bryant, Kal Bennett

Runtime: 100 min
Language: English

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