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The Babysitter 2017

20.10.2017 3:40 573 0
Quality: WEBRip 1080p 

Cole (Judah Lewis) is madly in love with his babysitter (Samara Weaving) Bee. She’s hot, funny, and popular. One night, in a moment of defiance, Cole secretly stays up his bedtime to discover she’s actually a cold-blooded killer who’s in league with the Devil. He now must spend his night evading Bee’s band of killers

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Party Boat 2017

19.10.2017 5:38 605 0
Quality: WEB 720p 

Party Boat focuses on Max, who is throwing a 25th birthday party for his best friend Kiley. When Max finds out Kiley’s boyfriend Greg plans to propose, he embarks on an adventure to win Kiley’s heart and throw his greatest party ever.

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Batman vs. Two-Face 2017

18.10.2017 5:56 538 0
Quality: BluRay 1080p 

Former Gotham D. A., is evil to commit excesses in the city, with all its choice is determined by the toss of a coin. Batman and Robin race to find out his secret identity and fights the usual suspects, such as Catwoman, the Riddler and the Joker.

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The Big Sick 2017

17.10.2017 11:47 986 0
Quality: 720 

Kumail (Kumail Nanjiani), in the middle of becoming a budding stand-up comedian, meets Emily (Zoe Kazan). Meanwhile, a sudden illness sets in forcing Emily to be put into a medically-induced coma. Kumail must navigate being a comedian, dealing with tragic illness, and placating his family’s desire to let them fix him up with a spouse,

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Gun Shy 2017

17.10.2017 11:45 1255 0
Quality: WEB-DL 1080p 

The story follows Turk Henry (Antonio Banderas); a mega platinum rock star who’s married to a supermodel (Olga Kurylenko) and rich beyond his wildest dreams. Whilst on holiday, his wife is mysteriously abducted by a group of renegade, ship-less pirates. With little assistance from local authorities Turk is forced to embark on a mission to

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American Made 2017

17.10.2017 7:32 785 0
Quality: HDRip 720p 

He was the youngest pilot of Boeing 747 in the United States, and after a few years became one of the richest men in America. His lifestyle was as extreme as his business. Private events, luxury blonde, cool cars and the risk of the transaction. He had the talent to make money out of thin

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Realityhigh 2017

17.10.2017 3:14 665 0
Quality: WEBRip 720p 

High-achieving high-school senior Dani Barnes dreams of getting into UC Davis, the world’s top veterinary school. Then a glamorous new friend draws her into a Southern California scene that threatens everything she’s worked for.

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The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) 2017

16.10.2017 6:57 268 0
Quality: WEBRip 720p 

Danny is the eldest son of the quarrelsome and once known sculptor, Howard Mirovica, shiftless and lame songwriter. Danny came to new York to the father, brought his daughter and their problems. Howard, in addition to Danny, have a daughter Jean and a son from another marriage, a successful accountant Matthew, who lives in Los

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Rock Dog 2016

16.10.2017 5:51 1839 0
Quality: BluRay 1080p 

Meet the new hero, who is heading to conquer the city of animals! Bodi is an ordinary country dog. Since his birth, he had a fate of a simple guard dog. The main character must always be alert. After all, he protects the whole village from treacherous wolves, who are constantly trying to get here

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Timm Thaler oder das verkaufte Lachen 2017

13.10.2017 4:03 410 0
Quality: BluRay 720p 

The young Timm Thaler lives in the 1920s with his father in a small alley of a German city. Even when he grows up in poor circumstances, he is happy, and he has a laugh that nobody can resist. This is so contagious and disarming that Baron Lefuet, the fierce Baron, wants to have it.

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Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 2017

13.10.2017 3:54 480 0
Quality: WEBRip 720p 

Eight years have past since Martin Ward and David Bouchard met in a spectacular way on the Quebec/Ontario border. The two men have remained friends, but time takes its toll and they have not spoken in almost a year. In this chapter Ward and Bouchard must face an important car theft ring that turns out

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Marjorie Prime 2017

12.10.2017 0:49 440 0
Quality: WEB-DL 720p 

In the near future, a time of artificial intelligence: 86-year-old Marjorie has a handsome new companion who looks like her deceased husband and is programmed to feed the story of her life back to her. What would we remember, and what would we forget, if given the chance?

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