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Life of Pi 2012

22.07.2013 21:35 2495 5
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p  3D 

A young man who survives after disaster at sea is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. At the middle of the ocean, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor … a fearsome Bengal tiger.

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Django Unchained 2012

22.07.2013 20:46 1905 1
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p 

The eccentric bounty hunter, also known as the «dentist», trades shooting the most dangerous criminals in the Wild West. Dusty job, and without a reliable assistant he can not do. But how to find such and preferably not too expensive? Slave named Django — a great candidate. But his new assistant has own motives …

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation 2013

18.07.2013 19:07 4906 4
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p  BDRip 1080p  3D 

Once on Zartan’s orders, who assumed the form of the U.S. President, the majority of members of the «G.I. Joe» were killed, the rest come together to strike back. In this battle awaits them is no easy task to save the world.

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Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox 2013

18.07.2013 9:00 12212 2
Quality: DVDRip 

The whole storyline is twisted around Flash and his time travel. It is the fastest superhero in the world. The whole world has changed, all the superheroes are not the ones who were before, no one knows about Superman and Flash only remembers that it was before. Now he will have to fix it and

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Chinese Zodiac 2012

14.07.2013 15:18 1814 3
Quality: BDRip 

The main character of the story — working all over the world treasure hunter JC named Asian Hawk. Well-known art dealer offers him find six rare figurines in the form of animal heads. At one time, these bronze sculptures were part of a set of 12 subjects who personified the signs of the zodiac. Figurines

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Total Recall 2012

08.07.2013 16:56 2114 3
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p  Extended 

While nation states Euromerica and New Shanghai are fighting for supremacy, a factory worker begins to suspect that he was a spy. Although he does not know on whose side he was on.

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The Avengers 2012

08.07.2013 16:33 3725 5
Quality: DVDRip  BDRip 720p  3D 

When mankind is faced with an unknown enemy that threatens all life, Nick Fury, head of the international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., knows that to save the Earth needs a team of superhumans that can save the world from disaster. The team will include Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and …

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Welcome to the Punch 2013

08.07.2013 12:49 1662 0
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p 

Former criminal Jacob Sternwood forced to return to London from his hiding place, when his son is involved in a robbery. Detective Max Lewinsky gets a chance to catch the man, who always managed to get away. Rivals face off again, but they are faced with a deeper criminal conspiracy. Now they have to fight

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The Host 2013

05.07.2013 20:07 4160 6
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p 

Parasitic alien soul inhabits the body of Melanie Stryder. But instead of carrying out the mission of his race to capture the Earth, «Wanda» establishes a bond with her host to assist other rebels.

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Oz the Great and Powerful 2013

24.06.2013 20:22 6841 0
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p  3D 

Hurricane throws circus magician Oscar Diggs from dusty Kansas to the magical land of Oz. There he will meet with three sorceress, Theodora, Evanora and Glinda, who doubt whether this is a great magician, who people of Oz had been waiting for the appearance. Oscar is caught up in a conflict of epic proportions, and

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Jack the Giant Slayer 2013

24.06.2013 20:20 5523 10
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p  3D 

Suddenly grown tree kidnapped Princess Isabelle. This event threatens to disrupt the fragile peace between humans and giants. Young Farmer Jack headed a campaign in the realm of the giants in the hope of saving the girl.

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Escape from Planet Earth 2013

22.05.2013 8:11 4540 1
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p 

Interstellar traveler humanoid Scorch Supernova gets into trouble when he responds to an SOS from the infamous alien planet …

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