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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016

20.07.2016 21:00 47526 0
Quality: HDTS  WebDL 720p  BluRay 1080p 

Fearing the actions of a god-like Super Hero left unchecked, Gotham City’s own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis’ most revered, modern-day savior, while the world wrestles with what sort of hero it really needs. And with Batman and Superman at war with one another, a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger

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Red 2 2013

18.07.2016 15:36 7987 16
Quality: BluRay 1080p 

They’re ex-CIA, but they’re back in action. This is a new adventures of Frank Moses and his motley crew of retired assassins. The best never rest.

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One for the Money 2012

18.07.2016 15:31 3293 2
Quality: BDRip  BDRip 720p  DVDRip 1080p 

The former lingerie saleswoman Stephanie Plum has found a new job. From now on, she hunts men for a solid reward.Its main weapon is a woman’s intuition and fashionable high-heeled shoes. But even her merits are powerless before the main objective — the man of her dreams. He is handsome, witty, and deadly. But he

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The Purge: Election Year 2016

17.07.2016 23:06 2664 0
Quality: WebDL 1080p 

  Years after sparing the man who killed his son, former police sergeant Barnes has become head of security for Senator Charlie Roan, a Presidential candidate targeted for death on Purge night due to her vow to eliminate the Purge.

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Mercury Plains 2016

17.07.2016 21:57 3061 0
Quality: DVDRip  WEB-DL 1080p 

A troubled young man runs away to Mexico, where he is recruited to join a paramilitary group of teens fighting the drug cartels. Isolated in the desert, he proves himself by becoming The Captain’s top soldier, but questions the group’s true purpose. As the Mexican police close in, he realizes that his only way out

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The Last Heist 2016

14.07.2016 22:53 1650 0
Quality: WebDL 1080p 

  A bank heist descends into violent chaos when one of the hostages turns out to be a serial killer. Trapping the well-organized team of bank robbers in the building, the killer is now picking them off one by one.

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Carnage Park 2016

14.07.2016 22:52 1565 0
Quality: WebDL 1080p 

  After botching an ill-conceived bank robbery in a desolate California town, two wannabe crooks flee the scene with a hostage and lead the local lawmen on a dangerous high-speed chase.

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Marauders 2016

14.07.2016 22:51 1799 0
Quality: WebDL 1080p 

  When a bank is hit by a brutal heist, all evidence points to the owner and his high-powered clients. But as a group of FBI agents dig deeper into the case — and the deadly heists continue — it becomes clear that a larger conspiracy is at play.

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All Girls Weekend 2016

13.07.2016 16:57 1376 0
Quality: WebDL 1080p 

  High school friends reunite after many years to spend a weekend in the mountains, but when everything goes wrong, there is no time for girl bonding.

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Bachelor Games 2016

11.07.2016 22:36 1116 0
Quality: HDRip 

  A group of friends on a stag weekend in the mountains of Argentina are picked off by a dark force called «The Hunter», but all is not what it seems.

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Independents Day 2016

11.07.2016 22:34 1803 0
Quality: HDTV 720p 

  Aliens invade, this time delivering a clear ultimatum. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as the U.S. President and citizens decide if these aliens are to be trusted …or feared.

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Survivor 2015

11.07.2016 15:45 9450 0
Quality: BDRip  BluRay 1080p 

Survivor is a thriller about a State Department employee newly posted to the American embassy in London, where she is charged with stopping terrorists from getting into the U.S. Putting her in the line of fire: targeted for death, framed for crimes she didn’t commit, discredited and on the run. Now she must find a

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Elysium 2013

11.07.2016 0:30 14281 10
Quality: BDRip  BRRip 1080p 

In 2159 there are two classes of people: the very rich, who live on the net, created by human hands, a space station called Elysium and others who live on an overpopulated and ruined Earth. A ruthless Secretary Rhodes will stop at nothing to use anti-immigration laws and preserve the luxurious lifestyle of Elysium’s citizens.

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Kung Fu Panda 3 2016

05.07.2016 17:24 24119 0
Quality: HDRip  WEBRip 720p  BluRay 1080p 

When Po’s long-lost panda father suddenly reappears, the reunited duo travels to a secret panda paradise to meet scores of hilarious new panda characters. But when the supernatural villain Kai begins to sweep across China defeating all the kung fu masters, Po must do the impossible-learn to train a village full of his fun-loving, clumsy

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Naked Soldier 2012

30.06.2016 11:26 14358 0
Quality: HDRip 720p 

Fifteen years ago, Interpol Agent Long denounced the sale of drugs worth $ 1 billion. After some time, the organization hired assassins to kill the Long’s family. Long survives, and believes his young daughter is still alive ….

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Code of Honor 2016

28.06.2016 21:06 1912 0
Quality: BluRay 1080p 

  Colonel Robert Sikes is on a mission to rid his city of crime. As a stealthy, one-man assault team, he will take on street gangs, mobsters, and politicians with extreme prejudice until his mission is complete. His former protégé, William Porter, teams up with the local police department to bring his former commander to

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Vigilante Diaries 2016

28.06.2016 20:54 2078 0
Quality: BluRay 720p 

  The Vigilante Diaries is a high octane action-adventure film featuring 90’s movie heroes, explosive action, and international espionage. The film revolves around a team of black-ops agents turned crime-fighters, led by a brooding anti-hero, known only as «The Vigilante.» These

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Dead Rising Endgame 2016

28.06.2016 12:32 2085 0
Quality: HDRip 

  DEAD RISING: ENDGAME drops us into the zombie-infested quarantined zone of East Mission City where investigative reporter Chase Carter must stop a secret government conspiracy.

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