24 April

Veronica Mars 2014

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Veronica Mars 2014 poster

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Years after walking away from her past as a teenage private eye, Veronica Mars gets pulled back to her hometown, an ex-boyfriend with baggage, and an unraveling murder mystery.

23 April

Nymphomaniac 2013

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Nymphomaniac poster 2013

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It’s a bright and poetic story of a woman erotic experiences from birth to the fifties, told from the face of the protagonist. A woman Joe set herself a diagnosis – nymphomania . A cold winter morning Seligman , a middle-aged lonely bachelor , stumbles into a lane on Joe , battered and located in a semi-conscious state. Bring a woman home, he treats her wounds and wonders how she came to such a life. Joe tells the story of her eventful youth to Seligman, teeming with parallel plots and unexpected digressions.

23 April

The Best Man Holiday 2013

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The Best Man Holiday 2013 poster

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The friends You’ve missed are together again and some things never change. All the secrets and all the surprises that make the holiday unforgettable …

21 April

A Promise 2013

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A Promise 2013 poster

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A romantic drama set in Germany just before WWI. Elderly tycoon hires a young secretary. A young man falls in love with his beautiful wife. Young people struggling to resist temptation and keep the promise.

Space Pirate Captain Harlock 2013 poster

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The distant future. Criminal Gaia Corporation became the worst enemy of the Earth, to take away all: freedom, house, future … It seemed that there is no hope of salvation … But he appeared – space pirate Harlock, Captain of the ghost ship Arcadia. Fugitive, who ready to fight for Earth. Who is he a hero or a criminal ? …

19 April

Tarzan 2013

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tarzan 2013 poster


All passengers of American airliner were killed in the jungle during the crash, only one baby survived. He became a foster child in a pack of wild monkeys who nursed, raised him to learn to survive in this tough world of natural selection … The time has come, and now he’s powerful and agile, and he has to protect his world from enemies. But the main thing – he must become a man again.

19 April

The Railway Man 2013

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The Railway Man 2013 poster

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This is the story of Eric Lomax. This British officer was captured by Japanese forces during World War II, so that he was all the horrors of war camp, where he was tortured. He was forced to participate in the construction of the railway in captivity. Lt.Lomax was made ​​to captain after his release.
Decades later, long dreamed of a military retaliation decided to reconciliation, which met with one of his tormentors on the bridge over the River Kwai.

17 April

The Physician 2013

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THE PHYSICIAN 2013 poster

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England, XI century. Mother of ten-years-old Rob Cole dies in terrible agony: no one knows the nature of her illness or medication against her. Little Rob, shaken to the core and by all means seeks to unravel this mystery. He was destined to go a long way from England to Persia, his teachers are first -ordinary quack Barber, and then – the great physician Avicenna. Wise teacher sees Rob extraordinary talent for medicine, but advises him not to rush to do things that do not correspond century. But Rob does not stop in his desire to learn how to save people from death …

17 April

Ride Along 2014

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Ride Along poster 2014

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Action comedy amuse the audience, and Ben and his brother-in-law James will take involved in thisdirectly. These boys are sent to patrol Atlanta, because Ben wants to prove to James that is truly worthy of the marriage of his sister. But he had all of this happens, you can find out by looking movie.

16 April

Police Story 2013

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Police Story 2013 poster

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The story begins with the fact that pub goers are taken hostage. There is a police officer Wen Zhong and his rebellious daughter Myaomyao among the visitors. Man holding all the hostages is the owner of the pub, which is trying to secure the release from prison of one criminal …

15 April

The Protector 2 2013

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The Protector 2 2013 poster

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This is a continuation of the story of a young man named Kham. In the first film, he went to Australia, where he joined the fray with a crime syndicate. This time the fight goes beyond …

15 April

Labor Day 2013

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Labor Day 2013 poster

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A single mother harbors a fugitive murderer in her home, where she lives with her son. Police searched the whole town in search of a criminal, and a single mother, meanwhile, finds out about her “guest” the bitter truth and no longer understands what to do.

24 April

White T 2013

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white t 2013 poster


Herbert & Henry are twin brothers who dream to become the biggest rap stars. Their chances of success are increased after they buy a T-shirt with a gold label, through which they can make the most legendary rapper in the world. The only problem is that there is a Jewish boy, Kevin, who dreams of becoming a singer who manages to steal such a valuable shirt …

23 April

Joe 2013

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Joe poster 2013

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The title character, a former criminal who unexpectedly becomes a kind of mentor of 15 years, Gary Jones, the eldest child in a family homeless drunkard father. Together, Joe and Gary are trying to find your way to a better life in a small and godforsaken town, located in Mississippi.

23 April

Flowers in the Attic 2014

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Flowers in the Attic 2014 poster

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When Corinne Dollanganger beloved husband died suddenly – for her and four children fell on hard times. She was left without a penny, without a job and did not know what to do. Life forced her to return to her parents’ home. They are rich but cruel people.