22 September

Grace of Monaco 2014

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Grace of Monaco poster 2014

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All Hollywood lay at her feet – a luxurious villa, expensive tricks and chic men, but she chose a royal palace, aristocratic balls and noble prince of a small country near France. She was the queen of Hollywood, but chose to become Princess of Monaco.

21 September

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For 2014

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sin city a dame to kill for poster 2014

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In the dark alleys of Sin City, Dwight McCarthy plans to violently avenge a woman named Ava Lord, who betrayed him. At this time, Nancy Callahan is trying to come to terms with the death of Detective John Hartigan.

21 September

The November Man 2014

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The November Man poster 2014


The story is about a former CIA agent who returns to service for a very personal mission. In the course of it, he discovers that his enemy is his former student, and everything that happens is a deadly game involving high-level CIA and president-elect of Russia. A spy is never out of the game …

20 September

Edge of Tomorrow 2014

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Edge of Tomorrow poster 2014

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The story unfolds in the near future, when a swarm of similar race of aliens makes relentless attack on Earth, wiping dust in major cities and destroying millions of lives. Army of Earth join forces to join the final battle with hordes of aliens, knowing that second chance they will not. Lt. Col. Bill Cage has never been on the battlefield, until he was thrown into the thick of battle unprepared and poorly Curb actually condemning to death. Cage was killed within minutes, but he captures the life of a stranger. And might be impossible – he wakes up alive in the beginning of the same hellish day , and forced to fight and die … again and again. Direct physical contact with the alien has closed time loop, and now Cage goes again in the same battle. But with each return Cage becomes more cruel and clever in battle with aliens, fighting side by side with Rita Vrataski that destroyed aliens more than anyone else was still on Earth. Rita and Cage repeatedly give battle the aliens, and repeated every battle brings them closer to unraveling how to kill the alien invaders and save the planet.

20 September

The Homesman 2014

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homesman poster 2014

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The story takes place during the development of the American West. The main character is necessary to carry three mentally disabled women from Nebraska to Iowa. Outlaw man was hired to accompany this dangerous mission …

20 September

And So It Goes 2014

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And So It Goes poster 2014


Life inveterate egotist suddenly changes when he suddenly met his granddaughter, whose existence was not even suspected. There are a million reasons not to like Oren Little. Just ask everyone.

19 September

The Scribbler 2014

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The Scribbler 2014 poster


The story revolves around a young woman who had just been discharged from a mental hospital. She is sent to a special medical corps, which should complete the treatment and to prepare the girl to a normal life in the society. There, she must get rid of their side personalities. After her arrival, the staff department begins to die out at high speed, with enough unusual circumstances …

19 September

Reclaim 2014

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Reclaim poster 2014

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American couple falls victim to scam during his travels abroad. And now they will have to risk their life to save their daughter.

Transformers Age of Extinction poster 2014

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Autobots and Decepticons left the planet, leaving humanity to collect it piece by piece. Meanwhile, a group of powerful businessmen and brilliant scientists trying to learn from past mistakes and improve technology to such an extent as to go beyond previously controlled. At this time, another group – the ancient powerful Transformers – appears on Earth.

18 September

Million Dollar Arm 2014

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Million Dollar Arm 2014 poster

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This film tells the story of a sports agent who obtains talented Asian cricket players hoping to use them to get into the Major League Baseball. The main role in the film performed 42 -year-old American actor Jon Hamm. Also in the film you can see celebrities such as Alan Arkin, Bill Paxton, Lake Bell, Bar Paly and other.

18 September

Space Station 76 2014

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Space Station 76 poster 2014


The movie is set in the distant future, in that version of how it seemed to the people of the 1970s. Misty is a thirty-sexy housewife, one of the advantages of his stay on the comic station considers the opportunity to spend time with Dr. Bot. It can upset her husband Ted, who is very sorry that they can not go back in time, when his wife was in love with him and devoted herself to raising their daughter, Sunshine. Misty is not only one on the Space Station 76, who are looking for comfort. Annual celebration of the ship – a chance for reconciliation of all. Will they be able to make amends and do what is best for their future, or their lives will continue to slowly roll into chaos?

18 September

X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014

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X-Men 2014 poster

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There is an internment camp, where mutants who lost their freedom live in the future . There is ongoing confrontation to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, led by Mystique in the present. And there is the ability to prevent the domination of the Guardians, and thus coming to isolate mutants in the past . Due to her ability to travel through time Kitty Pryde, who lives in the future, warns the current mutants that awaits them. But this is not enough, because of the future now appeared the forces of evil.

17 September

Maps to the Stars 2014

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Maps to the Stars poster 2014


Place of actions – the two Hollywood’s houses. In one lives an aging actress who hopes to play the role of own long-dead mother – the legend of black and white films. Another house – residence very successful psychotherapist, his wife and their son – 13-year-old millionaire, a drug addict and star. Inside both houses penetrates girl from Florida who befriended with Carrie Fisher in Tweeter and hopes to conquer Los Angeles with her help.

15 September

Postman Pat: The Movie 2014

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Postman Pat The Movie 2014 poster


Everyone’s favorite Postman Pat encounters with the dark side of fame while participating in national talent show. Money, status and a brand new suit tempt Pat, threatening to excommunicate him from loving friends, family and his small native town.

14 September

Kite 2014

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Kite poster 2014


When the father of a girl named Kite dies at the hands of the mafia, she vows to find and punish the perpetrators. Her guardian in this difficult matter becomes Karl Aker, her father’s partner. Determined to avenge the death of relatives, led by Karl, Kite becomes cold and uncompromising killer. Her victims have no chance of survival, Kite cope with them easily and severely. Appearance in her life clever and fearless young man changes her life dramatically. She begins to realize that the murderer is not alien to the feelings …

13 September

Maleficent 2014

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Maleficent poster 2014

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Young and beautiful Maleficent lived like a fairy tale in the peaceful forest kingdom, until one day it was captured and destroyed. The main character is trying to protect her land, but she can not do it because of the cruel betrayal. Her heart is gradually turning to stone. Trying to take revenge, she fights the king attacked her and eventually puts a spell on his newborn daughter Aurora. When the child grows up, Maleficent realizes that Aurora is the key to the salvation of the kingdom.

12 September

Third Person 2013

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third person 2013 poster

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The film consists of three love-stories, which will develop in three different cities: New York, Paris and Rome.

11 September

The Giver 2014

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The Giver poster 2014


Filmed on the book by American writer Lois Lowry. Junior Jonas lives in a perfect, the most civilized society of the future where there are no more wars, pain, suffering, joy and memories. For each member defined herein perfect order of existence, and now no one has to choose the step, thought, color – all around uniquely gray … Jonas shall be appointed the community’s Receiver of Memories by decision of the Board. He must learn from the Master called The Giver. Boy opens the truth about the real world, but to liberate his world, he must challenge him …

11 September

Jersey Boys 2014

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Jersey Boys 2014 poster


The movie is a biography of the group The Four Seasons. This story tells about their development, personal clashes and difficult times that they have experienced and also about the final triumph a group of friends whose music became a symbol of a generation.

9 September

Plastic 2014

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Plastic 2014 poster

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The film is based on a real story. Gang of friends managed to penetrate into one of the largest companies in the world that works with credit cards. They manage to crank out one of the most audacious theft in British history.

9 September

The Captive 2014

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The Captive 2014 poster


The film tells the story about a father who eight years after the kidnapping of the daughter, finds clues, which to hint to the fact that the seventeen year old girl may be alive.