22 August

The Prince 2014

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The Prince 2014 poster

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The only daughter of a former gangster Paul kidnapped. Severe Paul and his best friend Sam go in search of the only daughter of Paul. Search brought friends on the trail of a certain local criminal boss Omar, contact with which it is almost impossible …

22 August

They Came Together 2014

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They Came Together 2014 poster

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When Joel and Molly meet, it’s hate at first sight: his big Corporate Candy Company threatens to shut down her quirky indie shop. Plus, Joel is hung up on his sexy ex. But amazingly, they fall in love, until they break up about two thirds of the way through, and Molly starts dating her accountant. But then right at the end…well you’ll just have to see.

22 August

Blood Ties 2013

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Blood Ties 2013 poster

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“Blood Ties” is upcoming thriller directed by Guillaume Canet, a remake of the French film «Les liens du sang» 2008 and the film adaptation of the novel by Bruno and Michel Papeta. Two brothers who are on both sides of the law, come face to face with the organized crime in Brooklyn 1970.

22 August

Godzilla 2014

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Godzilla poster 2014

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Numerous nuclear testing and construction of nuclear facilities around the world led to the awakening of a prehistoric monster that result from mutations reached truly gigantic proportions. Now risen from the depths of the monster comes to the land, and where lies his way whole cities are destroyed. And it seems that humanity can not stop get the name Godzilla lizard …

21 August

Draft Day 2014

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Draft Day 2014 poster

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The main character is the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns. He is trying to get his team to the right first choice players during the annual recruitment …

19 August

The Longest Week 2014

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The Longest Week 2012


Parents of our hero are very wealthy people. And Conrad Valmont does not think about the existence of a separate, because under the wing of moms and dads keep warm and cozy. This family is living one of the best hotels in Manhattan and enjoys life. But one is far from perfect moment man is deprived of parental care, shelter and livelihood. That’s all it could seriously knock down, but now his thoughts are in a completely different area. He is in love, and his girlfriend loves it, and as you know, for real feelings barriers do not exist …

18 August

Boyhood 2014

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Boyhood 2014 poster

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Multi-year project will trace the development of a real person from the moment of birth. A unique chance to see year after year maturity of the child, his parents and his life changes in the surrounding world as a whole.

18 August

The Fault in Our Stars 2014

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The Fault in Our Stars 2014 poster

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Hazel has cancer. Despite the fact that the disease temporarily receded, she does not feel a drop of joy. She goes to a support group where one meets Augustus Waters and instantly falls in love with him. August and Hazel go to full of passion and life journey that once again will show them that the whole meaning of life can be found in any of its segment.

17 August

Maleficent 2014

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Maleficent poster 2014


Young and beautiful Maleficent lived like a fairy tale in the peaceful forest kingdom, until one day it was captured and destroyed. The main character is trying to protect her land, but she can not do it because of the cruel betrayal. Her heart is gradually turning to stone. Trying to take revenge, she fights the king attacked her and eventually puts a spell on his newborn daughter Aurora. When the child grows up, Maleficent realizes that Aurora is the key to the salvation of the kingdom.

17 August

X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014

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X-Men 2014 poster

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There is an internment camp, where mutants who lost their freedom live in the future . There is ongoing confrontation to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, led by Mystique in the present. And there is the ability to prevent the domination of the Guardians, and thus coming to isolate mutants in the past . Due to her ability to travel through time Kitty Pryde, who lives in the future, warns the current mutants that awaits them. But this is not enough, because of the future now appeared the forces of evil.

13 August

Blended 2014

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Blended 2014 poster

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Blind date ended in failure for the protagonists paintings, but it was the flowers, because the fun starts later: a man and a woman together are stuck at the resort for a family holiday. In the film, attended by such famous comedy actors like Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler.

12 August

Neighbors 2014

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Neighbors 2014 poster

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The protagonist lives next door to the base of one fraternity. This is an assemblage of violent teenagers who imagine themselves hubs of the universe. One member of the brotherhood, his insolent behavior brings chaos in family life of hero.

7 August

Belle 2013

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Belle 2013 poster

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The illegitimate, mixed-race daughter of a Captain in the Royal Navy finds her unique social standing become instrumental in the campaign to end slavery in England after meeting an idealistic young vicar’s son.

4 August

Chef 2014

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Chef 2014 poster

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The movie’s plot unfold around chef Carl Casper, who lost his job at a famous restaurant in Los Angeles. He decides to organize a network of food on wheels, to find culinary inspiration and improve relations with the family.

3 August

The Purge: Anarchy 2014

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The Purge Anarchy poster 2014

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Welcome to the perfect world of the future – a world without criminals and without war. And only once a year luxury quiet life is replaced by anarchy. That night, all crimes are legitimate. Hurry home – sunset is close …

1 August

Life After Beth 2014

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Life After Beth 2014 poster

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Zach Orfman’s girl dies suddenly, and he is inconsolable. But Beth just suddenly comes back to life in the form of … zombie. Zach decides that he has a second chance, and begins to continue the relationship.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 2014 poster

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Peter Parker has to live difficult lives – to stop criminals like a superhero Spider-Man, to foregather with Gwen Stacy and prepare for final exams at school. Peter did not forget the promise made to the father of Gwen Stacy, but can not execute it. Everything will change with the advent of a new villain Electro, the return of an old friend Harry Osborn and new hooks on the past Peter.

Captain America The Winter Soldier 2014 poster

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After the events in “The Avengers,” Steve Rogers tries to live quietly in Washington. But Steve falls into a web of intrigue that threatens the entire world. After the deal unravels, Captain America and Black Widow combined with a new ally, Hawk. Despite this, the heroes meet an unexpected enemy – the Winter Soldier.

1 August

Fading Gigolo 2013

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Fading Gigolo poster 2013

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A man decides to become a professional Don Juan, to earn money to help his cash-strapped friend, Murray. With Murray acting as his “manager”, the duo quickly finds themselves caught up in the cycle of love and money.

1 August

A Haunted House 2 2014

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A Haunted House 2 poster 2014

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After the loss of his lover in a car accident Malcolm decides to start a new life – to marry Megan, a mother of two child. Soon strange things begin to happen, and things get complicated when returning to life Kisha settles in the house next door …

30 July

The Expendables 3 2014

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The Expendables 3 poster 2014

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Barney, Christmas and other team members converge to face with Conrad Stonebanks, who many years ago founded with Barney team “The Expendables.” Stonebanks subsequently becomes a ruthless arms dealer and thus transformed into a man who was ordered to kill Barney … Or at least he thought so. Now Stonebanks set a goal to eliminate “The Expendables” – but Barney has it’s own plans. He decides that in his struggle “fresh” approach can be contrasted with the old methods, and join the ranks of people who are younger, faster and more technologically savvy. So team members “The Expendables” a new era begins. The last mission turns into a clash between the classic “old school” and experts in high technology.